How to open graco stroller:Video explanation

How To Open Graco Stroller:Video Explanation

It’s a common complaint that opening Graco strollers is quite tricky. The essential step of knowing which latch or levers to push or pull can not be overemphasized. However, you can easily learn the basic steps on how it is done.To open a Graco stroller, you have to raise the tiny button on the side-bar. Then turn the lever on the handle-bar and open-up the stroller. Some models require you to pull the seat and the back of the stroller in opposite directions.

Graco is a household brand in the world of baby gear and known for innovative designs and ease of use. May it be a single, double, jogger, or travel system, Graco has an array of strollers for everyone. Every Graco stroller features easy-to-fold and folding features. But it may be stressful If you’re new to Graco strollers and need to learn how to open a Graco stroller. This post walks you through the steps to open a Graco stroller, so you can effortlessly fold and unfold a stroller.

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How To Open Graco Stroller

To open a Graco stroller, you have to raise a button on the side-bar and the handle-bar. The Graco brand has different types of strollers; the single and double stroller. Below are steps on how to open them both.

Single Stroller

Graco designs the single stroller to carry one child at a time. To open your Graco single stroller;

Step 1– Position your stroller on the ground; the wheels touching the ground and handle directed upwards.

Step 2– Clamp the handle so it stays in place by squeezing the button on the handle-bar external area. Pull the handle-bar up until it makes a clicking noise.

Step 3– To unfold the stroller, discharge the latch on the two sides. From the middle of the stroller, you can see the latches. Graco also designs the stroller to consist of other latches that hold the stroller compacted together. It is easier to carry around that way when not in use.

Step 4– By placing your hand on the tray top and handle-bar, put pressure on opposite sides. Push it until you hear the click. The click confirms your stroller is ready for use.

Double Stroller

Graco designs the double stroller to carry two children at a time effortlessly. To open a double stroller;

Step 1– Position your stroller on the ground; the wheels touching the ground and handle directed upwards.

Step 2– Let-go of the top storage latch. It is in the middle of the handle-bar.

Step 3 – Push the oblong button on the handle-bar; it will cause the stroller to open.

Step 4– for first time usage, the stroller would be inflexible, so you have to apply pressure on the seat and handle simultaneously. Push down on both until it “click” into place.

Step 5– use your Graco stroller.

How Do I Open An Older Model Graco Stroller?

You can open most Graco-designed strollers from the 21st century with one hand, unlike the stiff older versions. They require more steps and time to open. Here are the procedures to employ when opening an older model.

  • Set the Graco stroller’s brakes. To put the brakes, you can use your leg to push down the latch closest to the wheels at the back. It would stop the wheels from moving.
  • Lock the wheels in the front of the stroller; it will prevent the wheels from turning around.
  • To stop the wheels, you have to push your stroller forward to align the tires and then pull the lever. Some models would require you to move the lever upwards or downwards.
  • Open the hood. Pull the hood to open and push to close.
  • To relax the seat backward, push it to its limits. Some models would require you to unfasten the side lever first before setting the stroller seat.
  • To open or close the stroller. You can pull together or apart while holding the back of the stroller and the seat. Some models require you to draw-out a handle or the lower rack close to the wheel.

Be careful not to jam in your fingers while you close the stroller. Compact the stroller by pressing every of it’s parts together.

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How do you fold a Graco 3 in 1 stroller?

Fold the stroller together.

Grip the lower handle if there is one. If necessary, tug the lower frame near the wheels to start the folding, then withdraw your hand from that area to avoid pinching your fingers in the folding frame. Finish pushing from the top handle and the seat base.

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